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PostSubject: ZERO|ONE VECTOR || original post-cyberpunk mix rp   ZERO|ONE VECTOR || original post-cyberpunk mix rp EmptyMon Dec 24, 2012 2:33 pm

ZERO|ONE VECTOR || original post-cyberpunk mix rp 01VAdvertizementLFSedge
One may believe that their worth can be determined by their deeds.
Such an idea would be a forgivable misunderstanding in our ignorant world.

In reality, it would be difficult to determine any worth while knowing truth.
There are very few objective, constant things where we all take residence.
In Haven, just one of many such residences, we took many things for granted.
Anyone in our little paradise could get anything they ever wanted, without cost.
...until recently.

The cracks of our society widened to a critical point when paradise was lost.
If there was anything I could have learned from the changes I've endured...
I'd say that everything has a vector with variables that are swapped and changed,
where the rules are determined through purely subjective means.
Whose imposing these rules, however, is up for debate. Is it you? Me? Us?
Do we even have a choice in what vectors we get caught in? Does it even matter?

Maybe, in the end, the identity of the people responsible for the rules are subjective as well.
Quote :
• If you're wondering what the site is like, it's best to compare it to Phantasy Star IV, Online and Universe that also has elements from To Aru Majutsu no Index and Fullmetal Alchemist.

• An expansive plot & character driven setting that changes as its players interact with each other and the setting at large.

• A site plot that has been designed to have the ability to allow characters to join in regardless of how much interaction they've had with the setting prior.

• A flexible site plot that can interchangeably swap out NPCs and player characters in the event that people integral to the plot go missing; how many plots have you seen die because someone happened to disappear?

• The capability to create custom races as justified through the setting's phlebotinum.

• An applied phlebotinum called katalyst with clearly defined rules that gives you the tools you need to create crazy character powers or technologies. Katalyst explains how your powers and the like are powered so that you don't have to if you don't want to.

• A freeform combat system without strict stats which has some rules but still strives to allow for individual player interpretation of 'power levels'. Character development and plot are the focus of the setting, not combat, so we tried to keep stats and strict numbers out of the picture as much as possible.

• The ability to create custom powers and abilities or just keep your characters normal (But still have the capability to not be useless), as mentioned above.

• Several different ways to play out your character, whether it be a superpowered school life, older upstanding citizens, downtrodden vigilante types or a mixture of anything else.
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ZERO|ONE VECTOR || original post-cyberpunk mix rp
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