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 Frontier Weyr

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PostSubject: Frontier Weyr   Frontier Weyr EmptyWed Feb 27, 2013 1:31 pm

Frontier Weyr 23svoue

After Thread was successfully deflected from Pern's orbit for arguably the rest of eternity, Pern has grown until it cannot sustain further growth. Technology has advanced, populations are burgeoning beyond tolerance. Cities, slums, and wars over resources sprawl over the globe.

Starcrafting Dragonriders, otherwise jobless in this new Pern, notice that something has affected a sister planet in the system. A formerly drab and uninhabitable chunk of rock of a planet has over time slowly become a very shiny ball of blues and greens ... a very inviting sign!

It takes a very long time and a lot of research, some lethal trial and error to figure out how to get a Dragon from Pern to the new planet, all without knowing if the new planet is even livable after all. It is a very pleasant discovery that the new planet is not only livable, but quite colonizable.

Efforts are made to do just that, and the first foothold campground is started, though slowly and with a lot of hard work and effort from everyone brave enough to make the not-guaranteed-to-succeed trip from one planet to another. The camp, for that's all it really is yet, is dubbed Frontier Weyr.

Frontier Weyr, a beacon in the middle of a new land, a new world. A collection of determined or desperate people, trying to carve a new life in new soil. Surrounded by new and unknown wildlife and flora. Little do they know that not everything they will discover will be quite what they expect. Little do they know that when the Red Star was shifted away from Pern, thread was introduced to a world that had never known it before ... their new home. All while it has been so long that none of the thread-fighting knowledge has been retained at all.

  • A new Weyr on a new planet with lots of native life to discover and name.

  • Weyr Leadership is a Council of five, four of whom are elected from IC population.

  • Future plot points that will be exciting and involving for all, player and character wise.

  • Currently there are only 5 canon dragon colors, but mutations will be introduced later.

  • Open license on Dragon and Character creation.

  • Player sub-plots welcome for submission to inclusion in overall plot arc.

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Frontier Weyr
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