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 The History Of The Site

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The History Of The Site  Empty
PostSubject: The History Of The Site    The History Of The Site  EmptySun Mar 24, 2013 8:14 pm

The once prosperous world of Freya has fallen, its lands now filled with ruined cities and wastelands, the 6 Kings of Ikaria took advantage of the abandoned world at its weakest point. Thousands of Ikarian soldiers filled the planet and changed it forever; with a millennium passing the 6 Kings divided the lands equally and cleansed them of their evil energy with new technology and knowledge. They filled the world with new species and plant life like that of the Ikaria Empire, times were peaceful but it ended when one of the Kings talked of leaving Ikaria to rule over the new world Freya. Rippers the leader over the Silvers regime and the Shadow lands took the Kings by surprise and attacked their lands without mercy to their sworn brethren; he killed them all. The reason he survived such acts against his race is because he sealed them off In Ikaria while he set up his empire in Freya; with the Kings limited on power and troops, Rippers building his new empire the world was back in turmoil staying that way for 75 years. The Kings finally broke the seal and rushed the world but Rippers was preparing just for that day; “The Day of Black Skys” when the world cried black rain for 136 days nonstop due to the war between good and evil. Upon the rain stopping it was finally over and the Kings could rest once again knowing that rippers had been killed in battle, he had fought hard and honorably not resting for a second, how he didn’t die sooner was anyone’s guess. The Kings decided to stay in Freya for a year to rebuild putting things where they needed to be. With the war they discovered powers they had never imagined they would unlock, only Rippers knew that’s why he was so strong, the Kings researched all his belongings and findings advancing there studies and abilities to new limits. The age of Rebirth was among them, with that came a responsibility to create a new future for a new world to experience and build upon. New races was born from the 5 Kings that now inhabit the new Freya under the watch of them, the Kings bored of babysitting the races left back to Ikaria to spend time at home with their families. They left Freya in high hopes that they wouldn’t have to return because on that day they would only be coming back to destroy it, Freya now with another chance is now on its last whim.
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The History Of The Site
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