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PostSubject: Animal's   Animal's EmptyMon Jul 22, 2013 3:45 pm

Domesticated animals

Domesticated animals are animals usually found living in camps, villages, cities or ocassionaly wandering about alone. As such, if these animals are physically harmed, or stolen (in a horse's case), the one harming them will earn a bounty in that hold or city.

Wild predators

Wild predators can be found wandering the wilds.
◾ Stone Golem
◾Dead Golem
◾Elemental Dragons
◾Ash Hopper  
◾Albino Spider
◾Cave Bear
◾Chaurus Hunter  
◾Death Hound  
◾Snow Bear
◾Ice Wolf
◾Pit Wolf
◾Sabre Cat
◾Snow Sabre Cat
◾Ice Wraiths
◾Frost Troll
◾Vale Sabre Cat  

Wild prey

Wild Prey are the opposite of predators, as they are being killed more often than killing. Deer, Elk, Wild Goats, Foxes, Mammoths and Hawks are often hunted for food or clothing.
◾Vale Deer
◾Wild Goat
◾Snow Fox
◾Pearl Oyster  
◾Bone Hawk
◾Felsaad Tern
◾Betty Netch
◾Bull Netch  
◾Netch Calf  


There are many insects and bugs in the world. Some can be eaten or used as potion ingredients.
◾Ancestor Moth  
◾Blue Butterfly
◾Blue Dartwing
◾Luna Moth
◾Monarch Butterfly
◾Orange Dartwing
◾Ash Hopper
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