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 Mages Life Vangaurds:WIP

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PostSubject: Mages Life Vangaurds:WIP   Mages Life Vangaurds:WIP EmptySun Oct 14, 2012 12:12 am

Vogel Academy

Vogel academy founded by the third God Mage Drake Vogel after uniting the magic world under one banner. He created this school as a way for all the greatest young magi to come in peace and train together, live together, and fight together. Since then Vogel academy has been universally recognized as the greatest school of magic since the days of the first. Vogel academy is renowned for producing the most famous of mages., the most powerful spellcasters, and the greatest scholars. It is without a doubt the most exemplary school of magic Earth has to offer. And only the most gifted young magi are allowed entry into the school enrollment is so exclusive that only 1 out of every 100 candidates will be accepted.

Learn more about this world

Available Characters
You may make the character your own as long as they have one of the traits below at the forefront of their personality.

  • Jock(male)
  • Jock(female)
  • Goth(female)
  • Popular(male)
  • Popular(female)
  • Nerd(male)
  • Goody two shoes(female)
  • Stoner(male)

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Mages Life Vangaurds:WIP
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